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Anarchy is Something I Do - scott crow

Liberatory anarchy, mutual aid, and punk rock. scott crow joins the Silver Threads hosts to share his journey with anarchy — seeking collective liberation, making music, and stirring up shit along the way. 

Looking not only at an urgent need for insurrection and to resist authoritarian structures, scott speaks to the importance of building new foundations and finding new ways to engage outside of the often rigid culture of activism. We may not yet know exactly the new world we want to create, but we can walk the path towards it together.

scott crow


scott crow is a street philosopher, author, dreamer, and musician. He runs a Record Label, is an Art Gallery owner, and a media commentator with @anarchistagency. Some of his musical projects are: Lesson Seven, Audio Assault and corporatE unclE. In addition to music, scott has also written some well received books, and speaks on the ideas of anarchy. The three themes that run through his life are: music, storytelling, and collective liberation. All of scott’s work can be found on And, to stay connected to the Record Label, visit,

photo of scott crow by Ann Harkness

Find scott on Twitter at @scott_crow.

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carla bergman and Eleanor Goldfield interview long term organizers about their watershed moments, what they have learned along the way, and how they maintain their hope on this path; dreaming and building emergent worlds for a present and future that is anchored in justice and freedom for all.

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