Our Shows

Silver Threads

Still Walking, Still Waking

There are forks in the road, but they all lead us home – to the fight, to the build.

Silver Threads: Still Walking, Still Waking, is hosted by carla bergman and Eleanor Goldfield. They interview long term organizers and radicals about their watershed moments, what they have learned along the way, and how they maintain their hope on this path; dreaming and building emergent worlds for a present and future that is anchored in justice and freedom for all.

Hosted by Eleanor and carla

Grounded Futures

Our pilot show will be Grounded Futures, where our team will work alongside youth to co-produce episodes in topics ranging from climate change to identity to how youth can gain new skills to engage meaningfully with current world events.

The hosts are Liam Joy, Joey, carla bergman, and Jamie-Leigh Gonzales.