Storyloom: COllaboration

A storyteller's summit

Saturday, June 22ND 2024

Little Fernwood Gallery
1923 Fernwood Road, Victoria, BC

10am – 4:00pm (Doors at 9:30)

Grounded Futures Presents: Storyloom: Collaboration — a storyteller’s summit

Please note: this is an intergenerational space — kids are welcome and we will have a few folks hosting a creative play space for young kids too.

focus/theme: Collaboration

What is it?

A one day summit for storytellers to come together to create, co-learn, cross-pollinate our dreams and knowings, and weave our stories together.

On Collaborative Storytelling 

The day is an offering of facilitated workshops and creative stations for folks to create a character* (not necessarily human) and then we will work in smaller groups to weave a story together! We will spend the last hour of the day braiding what we have created together.

*what a character is and can be is up to you! It can be self identified as an OC from your favourite anime/manga, etc, or an inanimate object, or an otherworldly being, etc! 

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who creates stories!
  • We welcome all artists/storytellers no matter the medium or form or technique, these can include but are not limited to: words, visual arts, textile arts, sound arts, and everything in between!
  • Whether you’re emerging or professional, or somewhere else on the continuum you are welcome!
  • We encourage all ages to participate
  • We honour our difference in learning and creating, whether it’s through “solo”, collaborative, or parallel creation, or a mix of them all, we welcome it!

At the Storyloom Summit we want to deepen what storytelling is and can be, while also expanding on the who and the what creates story! To us, a central purpose of art is to tell stories.

What to expect

The flow of the day:

10-3:30 (doors open at 9:30)
Folks are free to take breaks whenever they want to!

9:30: doors open

10 -10:15:  open, ground, introduce the stations

10:15 – 10:30: carla’s introduction to worlding and a prompt garden offering

10:30-12:00: Open stations (see below)

12-1230: Movement Jams (optional, you can also continue to work in other stations)

12-30- 2: Making food together, eating in our smaller groups where we start to build our stories

2-2:30: Open Stations

2:30:3:30: weaving it all together

3:30-3:45:-Transition Grounding & Clean Up & Goodbyes (for now!)


1. Grounding KINetic Jams with Jamie-Leigh

We will begin the day with a brief introduction and a short embodiment practice, inviting participants to move or sit with their bodies. Where we all will learn a few tools for the day, and beyond, to tune into our bodies and practice storytelling from a place of embodiment. 

Throughout the day, participants can join in some other spontaneous or planned movement moments. You can also choose to participate by sitting or laying down and connecting to the movement that is happening within your body at all times. KINetic Jams throughout the day will explore how we can be in collaboration with our own body — embracing an embodied way of storytelling.

3. Making Food Together

carla will facilitate a make food together time! We will gather at the cooking station where we will collaborate on preparing a delicious meal! We will decide together what to make. We will provide all the prepared ingredients — pre-washed or cooked, but not cut — for participants to chop, blend, and mix as we work together to feed each other. Many of us have stories that we hold dear that are connected to food — this station is a place to explore and share those stories while creating nourishing meals.

Food will be plant based and gluten free, and if you have any allergies, such as nuts, etc, please let us know beforehand.

2. Worlding prompt-garden with carla joy bergman

Before we begin creating, carla will facilitate a short workshop on what worlding is and provide guidance to approach writing characters for unmaking and making worlds. Specifically, carla will offer writing prompts!

Throughout the day carla will be present for ongoing support, so we can ward off speaking in Empire as we dive deep into listening to our inner selves to hear what stories are waiting to be discovered!

4. Weaving it All Together

Part 1:  during lunch we will gather into smaller groups! Everyone will be given a group number at the start of the day. During lunch you will join with that group and begin to talk about your characters with each other, and how they might fit into a story together (or worlds).

Part 2: For the final hour of the day, we will bring everything together! This is when we can share our individual and smaller group character(s)/worlds/experience that we played with and created throughout the day. Together, we will reflect on what we’ve shared with each other, and what characters have emerged throughout the day. Through prompts, discussion and collaboration, we will introduce our characters to each other on the page, and actually begin to weave some of our stories together. This final collaborative workshop will be a space for connection, integration, and celebration of our stories! 

Open/Drop in Stations

1. Analog Love Station

This station is where participants bring their characters to life through drawing and writing. Explore the tactile experience of working with typewriters, cutting and pasting, drawing, making small zines, collaborating on an exquisite corpse character, or taking photos — allowing your character to materialize in front of you. This open station will include prompts, ideas, and inspiration for us to explore our characters through analog creativity.

3. Metamorphosis — face painting with Coulee Ross

Transform into a character through the artistry of face painting! This station offers a chance for us to witness each other in metamorphosis. Explore motifs, themes, or colours that may embody your character, or quite literally dawn the face of your character with the help of our face painting artist, Coulee Ross. Or — pick a design that is just for fun! There will be blank masks to work on as well. 

Coulee will also be doing face painting for the kiddos in the space!

2. Playzone (Kidzone)

We are creating an intergenerational space for all ages! So, with that we won’t have the typical dedicated childcare space where kids are dropped off and then picked  up at the end. Instead, kids will be welcome and invited to participate throughout the day’s activities. However, we know that not all younger folks thrive engaging in this way, so there will be a dedicated kidzone within the space with lots of fun activities and a few adults around to engage the kiddos as much as possible! The kidzone is a dynamic area that fosters creativity and community for all ages — adults are encouraged to go play too! Please note this kid space is located in the same space.

4. Expressing your Character with Madelyn Osborne

Using practices from acting and performance art, Madelyn Osborne will host a drop-in station where folks can explore a physiological embodiment of their character. This station will use tools like improvisation, movement, and vocal exploration to bring our characters to life!

More on how we will work together

Co-creation and collaboration

  • Provide opportunities to learn from each other — sharing ideas and discussion questions to explore the breadth of stories that exist within all of us, and heartstorm ways to tell them.

Practical Workshops and Skills-sharing

  • The workshops or creative “stations” will be led by storytellers from a range of backgrounds and artistic practices, and will be shaped together by those who are participating (you!).

Solidarity and Grounding in our collective futures

  • Overall, we’d like to reflect on the emerging landscape of storytelling: what tools do we already have? can we create with them? can we adapt them?
  • These are some of the questions to prompt us to explore how we can tell our stories more often…
  • We will aim to support each other to notice and acknowledge the subtle and sometimes insurmountable obstacles that can thwart our voices from emerging, and ultimately our creativity. Perhaps exposing some of the causes that ignite painful insecurities within each of us, but also the ones that swarm amidst our collectives — preventing many of us from identifying as storytellers or artists.
  • With you all, we want to envision and grow futures where ALL our stories continue to inspire and connect us more.


“it matters what stories make worlds, and what worlds make stories.” Donna Haraway

  • To engage in worlding is to co-create new worlds. So, how does storytelling do this work? To us, storytelling is a powerful thread that runs through histories and all liveways. We have always told and shared stories,in part as a source of inspiration for composting and composing worlds, and in part for cultivating deeper connections.

On the theme:

Focusing on collaboration acknowledges the notion that we are always co-creating with each other — including with our more-than-human kin and ancestors — because nothing is done in silo, we are always in communion, translating our worlds with and for each other.

When we co-create and co-learn in person, we are engaging in sharing our experiences, concepts, and ideas, and then supporting each other to transform these into pictures, objects, sounds, or words. When we tell stories together with our various crafts, we are communicating meaning as we compose new worlds — animating our abstractions while creating magic and beauty.

AND having fun!

To us, this is what translating our worlds into story can look like — deepening into collaboration we ground our storytelling practice in imagining grounded futures, where both radical story and emerging knowledges begin to bloom in unforeseen and beautiful ways.

Venue Info and Accessibility

  • venue and washrooms are wheelchair accessible
  • washrooms are gender neutral

There is no parking on site. The neighbourhood has street parking mixed with residential permit parking, so be sure to check your parking will allow you to stay for the day (We recommend parking on Stanley which is about a 2-3 minute walk from the venue). There are several bus routes that will get you close to the venue.  And, please feel free to reach out if there is anything we can do to better support your participation at the event!

  • A gluten-free, vegetarian lunch will be provided, but if you have any further dietary needs, please reach out and let us know.
  • A creative play space for young kids.
  • different kinds of sitting options (we will work to get some comfortable seating)
  • some quiet spaces (with lower lighting, etc).

A note on Access:

We aim to approach our work through a mind-body disability justice lens, and we are committed to keep learning with each other about all the ways we can support one another in deeper ways.

We also recognize that access is always changing, emergent, and will be informed by who is attending Storyloom!

We are working on securing some funds to cover bus tickets and other travel costs for participants, and will update when we know.

please send us any and all of your access needs!

A note on masks:

We will have masks available but they are not mandatory at this time.