Mentorship in Motion

As an alternative to traditional training, mentorship has the potential to break open fields that have historically been dominated by white cis men. In industries that demand the voices from below carve out their own spaces in order to create, compete, or just be heard, we are looking at how relationships, friendtorships or mentorships dismantle barriers to these industries.

promo graphic with bio photos of the Mentorship in Motion production crew

Mentorship in Motion is a Grounded Futures audio series that delves into the relationships between mentors and mentees. Through storytelling and conversation, co-hosts Melissa Sharp and Jamie-Leigh Gonzales, and their guests will explore the dynamics of Mentorship — in particular how women, folks of colour, and gender non-conforming folks use mentorship relationships to break into their fields. 

Curation and production for Mentorship in Motion is done in collaboration with Peer Mentees (and guest hosts!) Rebecca Peng and Nadya Geta. And with support from carla bergman and Uilliam Joy.

Theme music composed and performed by Nadya Geta, with additional music from Monplaisir

Show art by Maia Anstey