We are always becoming, always emerging anew. 

We are committed to amplifying voices from below and to the left. Voices that are often less heard. Some of the links below are from guests who were on our shows — and some of whom are not “emerging” in the conventional use of the word, but we are always emerging, some of the work below is worth amplifying everywhere! Enjoy our list (in no particular order) of emerging voices.

Time Talks Podcast
Otherworldly Giants Art
Otherworldy Giants with Shaunga Tagore
Freedom Singer Album cover
Khari McClelland
Black line on white background. The head and right shoulder/wing of a Coast Salish Thunderbird in formline style. NWS in stylized text is to the right of the birt
The work of John Velten
mutain'eer: a femifesto - co-dreamed by carla bergman & kitty sipple
A digital drawing of a gas mask with flowers and plants growing out of and around it
Margaret Killjoy - Live Like the World is Dying (podcast)
Black text that reads "Autonomy Personal Training, Body positive personal training
Ruby Smith-Diaz - Autonomy Personal Training
Two non-binary poly queer powerhouses pose amongst grass and trees
Glow Motive
black text on a white background reads "Hives for Humanity" with a black beehive and white outline of a bee at the bottom, all within a black outline of a circle
Hives for Humanity
Dark background with a white circle. Withing the circle it reads "serve your city" with a fist through the centre of the circle
Serve Your City - Maurice Cook
Red text on a black background reads "eH'
Text on white background reads "Art Killing Apathy"
The Work of Eleanor Goldfield
dark blue abstract/dotted pattern on black background
Sour Gout - Music
A drawing of a person with short hair and no irises on a black/space background. The image is cut off just below the shoulders. They are surrounded by planets.
Oatmeal Queen - Music