Knowledge Sharing

GROUNDED FUTURES is going beyond just the production of podcasts and aims to provide space and technical skills to gender diverse folks.

1. Youth Skills Mentorship

Ongoing mentorships with the Grounded Futures team offer the opportunity to learn the skills to produce an audio show. A mentorship with Grounded Futures pays industry rates for all work done. Emerging Artists will have the chance to work alongside our team on all levels of production, from concept generation to post-production. 

At Grounded Futures we program with our community, not for them.

2. Podcast Residency

More info coming soon!

3. Curate your own content

Grounded Futures will offer training opportunities in Post-Production for Youth, Women and Gender Non-conforming folks, who are new to podcasting. This mentorship allows emerging artists to curate their own programming. Our lead producers will work with new producers and creators to realize their ideas and share their unique perspectives. Shows created through this mentorship can be hosted on the Grounded Futures platform.

We aim to bring people in not just as podcast guests, but to gain skills and self-produce their own content.