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Still walking, still waking

The Future is Our Relative - Klee Benally

“Colonization is and always has been war”

What better time than the week of so-called Thanksgiving to highlight Indigenous power and culture — to look to the future through a decolonizing lens that demands nothing less than the abolition of all oppressive systems?

Klee Benally is an Indigenous anarchist, artist and agitator. He joins carla and Eleanor to talk about abolishing colonialism, the soundtrack of mutual aid, cyclical organizing and critical hope.

Klee Benally


Klee Benally is a Diné musician, traditional dancer, artist, filmmaker, & Indigenous anarchist. Klee is originally from Black Mesa and has worked nearly all of his life at the front lines in struggles to protect Indigenous sacred lands. Klee provides strategic planning and direct action training with Indigenous Action. Klee has helped establish a range of organizations including Táala Hooghan Infoshop, Protect the Peaks, and is currently organizing COVID-19 response with Kinłani Mutual Aid and

Find Klee on Twitter at @eelk.

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carla bergman and Eleanor Goldfield interview long term organizers about their watershed moments, what they have learned along the way, and how they maintain their hope on this path; dreaming and building emergent worlds for a present and future that is anchored in justice and freedom for all.

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