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Exodus from Empire - Ashanti Alston

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“The Black Panther Party allowed me to have a more developed view on what freedom might look like.”


Anarchist Panther Elder Ashanti Alston joins the show to talk about rifts and icons, of reading beyond the page and into life, of deep dives into fear, freedom, the internalizing of oppression, and of the ultimate exit – from empire.


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Black and whit photo of Ashanti, wearing a dark hoodie and which several different types of hats piled on top of his head.


Ashanti Alston (he/him/his) is an Anarchist Panther Elder. Former member Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army soldier. Former political prisoner and long-time member of The Jericho Movement. Anarchist. Developed abolitionist politics in the early years of Critical Resistance. Helped save the life of a baby pig with the Animal Liberationists, learned depth-queer politics from being challenged (OMG!) and non-ego Eldership through loving the youngin’ generations who truly want to ‘CARRY IT ON”. 

Presently, Board member of the National Jericho Movement and Center for Grassroots Organizing (Vermont). Lives in Rhode Island with Viviane, Biko, Yasmeen and pup Appa.


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carla bergman and Eleanor Goldfield interview long term organizers about their watershed moments, what they have learned along the way, and how they maintain their hope on this path; dreaming and building emergent worlds for a present and future that is anchored in justice and freedom for all.

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