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8. A World of Perspective - John Velten

We sat down with Indigneous artist John Velten to talk about the importance of creating and learning with and for each other, finding anchors in actions and mentors, listening to your whole self and the land, the healing of pulling from all your lineages, and so much more


It’s a language in itself, this art form. And so, I’ve spoken, through formline design, my interpretation of our environment. And I feel like that’s where the art form stems from, for all these years too.

-John Velten

A person looking directly at the camera. They are wearing a dark long sleeved shirt pushed up to their elbows. The image is cut off at their hips. They are leaning against a wall with abstract formline painting on it. A transparent grey box at the bottom holds text that reads "John Velten" and the grounded futures logo is in the bottom right corner


Born and raised in Kwikwetlem (Coquitlam), John Velten has been an illustrator from a young age, possessing over 10 years of drawing and illustrative practice, three years of fine arts production and one year of event producing experience. John’s studied Business and Fine Arts production under the mentorship of Alano Edzerza and Design Foundations through the mentorship of Rick Adkins. He continues his practice carving and sculpting with Phil Gray and Klatle Bhi. Throughout the year of 2019, John’s involvement with the community has been providing & facilitating meetups for artists, providing spaces for creatives to pull together in the genres of visual art, music, dance and storytelling. He recently was studying part-time at the Visual College of Art and Design in the 3D modelling and animation program and has graduated as of jan 6th 2021. John works independently as a fine artist, within modes of expression such as, painting, carving, metal works, mixed media, 3D modelling and illustration. In the past 3 years, portions of John’s  works have been commissioned by The City of Vancouver, Vancouver Mural Festival, Vancouver art community, Lunar Fest and Foundry BC. John’s Mixed roots stem from Europe, with German ancestry and North-West Territories with Dene ancestry. These Contrasting lineages speak to his perspective, ability as an artist and affluence of different cultures.

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About the Grounded Futures Show:

Our team works alongside youth to co-produce episodes on topics ranging from climate change to identity to how youth can gain new skills to engage meaningfully with current world events. The show will take a deep dive on these issues, and be in conversations with incredible guests! The hosts are Liam Joy, Joey, Jamie-Leigh Gonzales, and carla bergman.

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