Grounded Futures Show

4. Preparing Together - Margaret Killjoy

We’re opening 2021 with an incredible conversation our hosts had with Margaret Killjoy, a transfeminine author, musician, and podcaster. In this episode we look at what it means to prepare for end times, the ethics of getting paid as an artist/anarchist/activist in a capitalist system, and so much more!

Margaret Killjoy


Margaret Killjoy is a transfeminine author, musician, and podcaster currently living in a self-built cabin in the Appalachian mountains. She is the author of the Danielle Cain series of novellas, published by, and is the host of the community and individual preparedness podcast, Live Like the World is Dying. Her most popular band is probably the feminist black metal duo Feminazgûl.

About the Grounded Futures Show:

Our team works alongside youth to co-produce episodes on topics ranging from climate change to identity to how youth can gain new skills to engage meaningfully with current world events. The show will take a deep dive on these issues, and be in conversations with incredible guests! The hosts are Liam Joy, Joey, Jamie-Leigh Gonzales, and carla bergman.

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