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2. Finding a Beauty:Death Ratio in These Times - MJ Brownlee

Deviating from the path that has been laid out by our culture and society can be an intimidating and liberating journey. This episode of the Grounded Futures Show brings MJ Brownlee, anarchist, anti-capitalist, and longtime friend of carla bergman, into conversation about his experiences with schooling, finding his own path, and being in relationship with himself and those he loves. He discusses how an anti-capitalist approach to schooling can open up experiences and create the ability to explore different trades, arts, skills and, ultimately, opportunities to build resilient, self-sufficient communities. He also touches on being a paramedic in the current COVID-19 pandemic, and how he is shifting his path once again in order to continue finding joy and thriving.

MJ Brownlee


MJ is an anarchist, activist, artist and rural paramedic. He’s currently acting unit chief of the Denman Island ambulance. He was an adult anchor at the Purple Thistle Centre. MJ spends his time studying emergency paramedicine and reading science fiction and comic books. He shares a small homestead with several other people on K’omoks territory.

About the Grounded Futures Show:

Our team works alongside youth to co-produce episodes on topics ranging from climate change to identity to how youth can gain new skills to engage meaningfully with current world events. The show will take a deep dive on these issues, and be in conversations with incredible guests! The hosts are Liam Joy, Joey, Jamie-Leigh Gonzales, and carla bergman.

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